July 6, 2021

Some of the best ideas start with a simple conversation. In early 2020, board member and Realtor Sherry Weeks approached Tay about developing a partnership program for real estate agents and FSC. Social responsibility had become crucial due to the rise of socially conscious customers. How could a program be created so that FSC would receive much needed donations while Realtors would be able to tap into the “Give Back” mindset and connect with clients on a deeper level and increase business? Out of this conversation, A Home for Hope was born.

When I sell a house, I want to believe that the family who moves in will have a happy and safe future in that home. But not every home is a safe one. The stress and trauma that family violence creates is real and long lasting. FSC provides the emotional help and counseling to move forward, past any horrible trauma they may have been through.

FSC developed A Home for Hope to deepen and expand the culture of personal philanthropy by inspiring Alabama’s Real Estate Agents to invest more money in our community. At it’s core, A Home for Hope is a simple program.

  • When an agent becomes a partner, they pledge to donate a percentage of their commission to FSC.
  • FSC provides a series of tools to the agent so that they can promote giving as a positive aspect of their brand.
  • FSC messages the donation through our media tools.

A large part of the life of a Realtor is getting out in the community; looking for places to plug in, engage new customers and be of service. Studies have shown that charitable donations and partnerships give consumers a sense of value and humanize a brand. This humanization generates loyalty and word of mouth virality for any business. When an agent tells their client that a percentage of the agent’s commission goes to FSC, it creates a lasting memory that increases the odds that the client will direct friends to the agent in the future. Through A Home for Hope partnership, Real Estate Agents can leverage their involvement and partnership with FSC to increase their community presence and open doors to expand their business network. By partnering with FSC, Realtors can become not just real estate agents but agents for change. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in A Home for Hope, contact us at 334-206-2100.