April 5, 2021

The Survivors of Abusive Relationships (SOAR) educational zoom program commenced its first session on January 11, 2021. SOAR is a series of eight Domestic Violence classes led by Evania Norman, Adult Counseling Service Supervisor and Ilia Nazario, Counseling Intake Specialist. This program was designed to provide awareness and education on domestic violence, the cycle of violence, power and control, and the effect it has on lives, relationships, and families. Attendees receive education on community resources, legal resources, and helpful information that is available for those seeking violence-free lives. At the end of all 8 sessions, the attendees were awarded a certificate of completion.

The webinar series was well received and had positive feedback from the attendees.

“Thank you so much! I am registered for the classes and I’m looking forward to Monday”

“I had no questions or comments, that was a great webinar! I look forward to the next one.. everything you said I connected with and recognized …”

“I’m actually really looking forward to next Monday.”