April 5, 2021

As I sit and write you, the early morning sun has risen just above the tree line and is warming my face, the birds are chirping, and a few clouds are scattered across the sky. Spring is in the air, or in Alabama, pre-summer is upon us. So many good things have been happening at FSC in the last few months, let me bring you up to date.

During the holidays, you helped 760 individuals with Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts. We completely renovated the four kitchen units at our safe shelter facility, they are beautiful, and should last for quite a while even with their constant use. Our offices have re-opened, staff are onsite, and shelter is returning to full capacity. The health and safety of our clients and staff remain a priority, we continue to follow CDC guidelines and offer telecounseling for clients who are not comfortable with face-to-face services quite yet. Not surprising, because of the trauma and effects of the pandemic, we have wait lists for counseling services both for children and adults. Unfortunately, that increased demand was met with a reduction in available team members due to funding reductions.

This means we could use your help as much now as ever before. We have a $400,000 fundraising goal for this fiscal year, and we are running about $8,000 behind where we should be at this point. We are grateful you are sustaining the programs and mission of the Family Sunshine Center, helping clients on their journey of hope and healing.

With gratitude,

Tay Knight