June 26, 2020

Well, it goes without saying, the last three months have been one for the record books. We quickly pivoted from four fully open face-to-face facilities to an organization powered by remote technology and a workforce that was introduced to telecommuting.
Our services never ceased, shelters never closed, and the crisis line remained operational. Our dedicated FSC team embraced the concept, worked through the kinks, and hit their stride. Many clients accepted the new counseling, case management and advocacy methods, while others are eager for a face-to-face session with their trusted counselor or advocate.
On June 25th, we reopened to the public with restrictions that should guard against the spread of the virus. Our services are critical for victims, and we want to provide options to access needed services in the safest way.
In this newsletter, we share some exciting updates about new services being launched at FSC. I hope you enjoy reading about the growth and new opportunities for victims to find the hope and healing they need to recover. We couldn’t do this without you! A heartfelt, THANK YOU, to all who have sent good wishes, donated goods, donated money, shared our social media posts, and prayed for us!