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24-Hour Crisis Line

Family Assessor

The Family Assessor works in conjunction with DHR child and adult protective service workers to assess the level of risk for domestic violence within the family and provide direct intervention and advocacy. Interventions with family members are based on the program’s guiding principles: protecting children and increasing their safety and well-being is the first priority; efforts to increase the safety of adult victims will be used as a strategy for increasing the safety and well- being of the children; the rights of adult victims to direct their own lives will be respected whenever possible; and perpetrators of domestic violence, not their victims, will be held responsible and accountable for their abusive behavior.

History of the Program

In 1997, the Montgomery County Department of Human Resources conducted a five-year review of child deaths. Six of twenty-one children died as a result of maltreatment by their mother’s boyfriend, stepfather or father. A social worker with prior training in the area of domestic violence, while a part of a child death review team, recognized the red flags for domestic violence involved in a case.  That experience prompted the Department of Human Resources to ask the Family Sunshine Center to join social workers at the Montgomery County Department of Human Resources in assessing for domestic violence while conducting child abuse investigations.

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