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Public Service Announcements Are Now Part of FSC’s Outreach Efforts

For a long time, public service announcements have been on the wish list of Family Sunshine Center staff. PSAs are an excellent way to get a sometimes life-saving message out to the public. Television stations will often run short PSAs, at no cost, in time slots that have not been sold to advertisers. But the cost of producing a PSA means that many non-profits don't have this as an option. This summer, FSC staff became aware of a program that makes PSAs available to non-profits for free. Salt & Light Productions, a division of the Center for Faith and Freedom produces quality PSA and documentary films and then customizes them for their clients. Family Sunshine Center jumped at this chance, and now have four 30-second PSAs and a five minute documentary in our arsenal of public education materials.

Please take a look at them below. The first four are the PSAs; the last is the five minute documentary.

You can also view them on our YouTube Channel





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