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In Appreciation: Sherrie Myers and Montgomery Biscuits Baseball

Our community would be hard-pressed to find anyone with a greater heart for giving  than Sherrie Meyers, who, with her husband Tom Dickson, owns Professional Baseball, L.L.C., the parent company of the Montgomery Biscuits.   “Our relationship with Sherrie Meyers and her staff has proven invaluable to us on many different fronts.  Beyond the very generous promotional package they give us, they also respond to our requests for advice and support throughout the year,” said Family Sunshine Center (FSC) Development Director Anna Lee Ingalls.  “When Biscuits baseball first came to town, we were connected with Sherrie Meyers, shared information about our mission, and have been selected as a charitable partner ever since.  In addition to all the wonderful benefits we receive by being selected a charity partner, we also take advantage of their kind hospitality in providing us expert advice when we ask,” said Karen Sellers, FSC executive director.

The Biscuits promotional package is very important to the agency’s overall public awareness efforts. They have placed posters on the inside of their ladies’ restrooms, produced and played short films and public service announcements about the FSC’s mission, placed full-page ads featuring the agency’s crisis line in their season’s program, included the agency in the annual Biscuits Charity Night, provided donor recognition and entertainment opportunities, as well as providing nights out for the women and children in the agency shelter and Exodus community.

“It is so gratifying to work with professionals with such a strong belief in business ethics. Montgomery Biscuits Baseball and all who are affiliated with the organization consistently exhibit honesty, integrity, community pride and involvement and a commitment to bringing wholesome fun and entertainment to the region.  Sherrie’s personal devotion to healthy families has repeatedly touched the lives of countless people in need of a brighter day.  We salute her fortitude and good will, and remain humbly indebted to her ongoing faith in the Family Sunshine Center,” Ms. Ingalls said.   

Biscuits Charities is dedicated to supporting existing programs and creating new opportunities to benefit youth in the greater Montgomery community. Since it’s inception in 2003, Biscuits Charities has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash contributions, donated tickets and merchandise to programs and projects in the community. -www.biscuitsbaseball.com

Check out this PSA recorded by Biscuits right fielder, Reid Fronk. It is played on the radio during games.

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