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Signs of an Abuser

How can you recognize a potential batterer?

The following characteristics might help you identify a potential batterer. They are certainly not definitive signs that a partner is a batterer, only that the person has the potential to become one.

  • Does the person report having been physically or psychologically abused as a child?
  • Was the person’s mother battered by her partner?
  • Does the person play with guns and use them for protection against other people?
  • Does the person lose his/her temper frequently and more easily than seems necessary?
  • Does the person commit acts of violence against objects and things rather than people?
  • Does the person drink alcohol excessively?
  • Does the person display an unusual amount of jealousy when you are with him/her? Is the person jealous of other significant people in your life?
  • Does the person expect you to spend all of your free time with him or her or to keep him/her informed of your whereabouts?
  • Does the person become enraged when you do not listen to his/her advice?
  • Does the person appear to have a dual personality?
  • Is there a sense of overkill in his/her cruelty or kindness?
  • Do you get a sense of fear when that person becomes angry with you? Does not making that person angry become an important part of your behavior?
  • Does he/she have rigid ideas of what people should do that are determined by male or female sex-role stereotypes?

If you believe you might have abusive tendencies and would like to get help, please contact the End Violence Effectively Now (E.V.E.N.) program at 334.832-7730.

If you believe your partner is showing abusive tendencies, seek help now.

PO Box 5160, Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5160      334.206.2100