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Signs of a Victim

You may be battered if you:

  • Are frightened by your partner’s temper
  • Are often compliant because you are afraid to hurt your partner’s feelings or afraid of your partner’s anger
  • Have the urge to “rescue” your partner when your partner is troubled
  • Find yourself apologizing to yourself or to others for your partner’s behavior when you are treated badly
  • Have been hit, kicked, shoved, or had things thrown at you by your partner when he or she was jealous or angry
  • Make decisions about activities and friends according to what your partner wants or how your partner will react
  • Drink heavily or use drugs
  • (for some people) have been abused as a child or seen your mother abused

Do you feel you are being battered? If so, the probability is high that you are and should seek help now.

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