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Domestic Violence Risk Assessment

The following assessment is used by the Family Sunshine Center to help determine a victim’s level of risk. It is one of a number of such tools used by domestic violence shelter programs and advocates around the nation to help victims determine the need to seek services and/or safe shelter.

The following are preliminary questions:

  • Are you living with him/her now?
  • Are you afraid of him/her?
  • Does he/she have access to you?
  • Do you feel safe now?

Does your partner...

  • Hurt you physically?
    • Have any of your injuries required medical attention?
    • Did you receive medical attention?
    • Did you disclose the nature of your injuries to medical authorities?
  • Belittle you or humiliate you (when you are alone/in front of others?)
  • Threaten to seriously harm you?
  • Physically hurt or threaten to hurt one of the children?
  • Physically hurt or threaten to hurt one of the pets?
  • Tell you he/she can’t live without you?
  • Keep you away from your family or friends?
  • Act jealous or possessive (accuse you of having affairs)?
  • Check up on you at work or follow you (cause problems at your job)?
  • Insist on you accounting for every minute of your time?
  • Insist on you accounting for every penny you spend?
  • Break things or throw things at you?
  • Restrain you or hold you down?
  • Ever tell you that you will never leave him/her?
  • Act like his/her hurting you is your fault?
  • Force you to have sex?
  • Threaten to hurt himself/herself?
  • Threaten you with a weapon?
  • Threaten to kill you?
  • Talk about how or when he/she would kill you?

Answering “yes” to five or more indicates a high risk.
Answering “yes” to ANY of questions 18-20 indicates high risk.

Persons found to be at High Risk should know:

  • They may be in danger of serious injury or being killed.
  • The most dangerous time can be when you are leaving or soon after.
  • There is a secret shelter for abuse victims and their children.
  • There is help for the perpetrators at the E.V.E.N. program.
  • For shelter call 334.263.0218 (collect calls are accepted)
  • For the E.V.E.N. program, call 334.832.7730

PO Box 5160, Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5160      334.206.2100